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Blendon Archaeological and Historical Research Group (BAHRG) is a vibrant community project which actively participates in archaeological excavation and historical research.

The Blendon Project was begun by Roger Mayo and led to the publication of his book, ‘Blendon from the earliest times’, in 2002. Research and excavation have continued ever since, adding to our knowledge of Blendon and providing continued interest to both Members of BAHRG and to residents through our Events and Activities.

You can read more Blendon stories, including the families who have lived at Blendon and staff who have served them. Picture of the Month uses a specially selected image to reveal more of Blendon’s history.

BAHRG has been a bit quiet lately but things are still happening! We are hoping to do some more archaeology very soon. Watch this space!


“You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt”  Author unknown