This Blendon Timeline shows a number of significant events in the history of the Estate.

1241  First written reference to ‘Bladindon’

1301  Agnes of Bladindon’s goods described in Subsidy Rolls

1400  Henry of Castelayn, Keeper of the Archbishop’s Forests, lives at Blendon

1620s  The Derings of Pluckley at Blendon

1640s  The Wroth family at Blendon

1672  Sir Edward Brett, Royalist hero, lives at Blendon

1684  Brett Fisher, linked with Lamorbey and father-in-law of Jacob Sawbridge, Director of South Sea Trading Company

1730s  Wesleys and Whitefield preach regularly at Blendon, Bexley and Blackheath

1760s  Lady Mary Scott builds her ‘neat mansion’

1783  General James Pattison buys Blendon

1807  John Smith, banker and MP, buys Blendon

1811  Three Roman urns found on the estate containing human remains

1816  Gothic alterations under architect John Shaw and Repton’s landscaping

1824  William and Anna Maria Campbell buy Blendon

1840  Oswald Smith, nephew of John Smith, buys Blendon

1853  Wedding of Oswald Smith’s daughter Frances to Claude Bowes Lyon

1863  W. C. Pickersgill, American banker, buys Blendon

1891  Mr Carl Jay and Mrs Anna Jay (Pickersgill’s daughter) move to Blendon

1919  Warrior the horse, who towed the gun carriage for the Unknown Warrior, retires to Blendon

1929  Death of Mrs Jay. Sale of Estate to D. C. Bowyer. House items and farm equipment auctioned.

1934  Demolition of Hall and sale of fixtures and fittings

1931-36  Building of modern estate

1940s  Destruction of houses in Bladindon Drive in World War II

1980s  Draining of lower lake and building of houses on the site